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I’ve take a lot of training over the years and I love to coach. A lot of times I don’t give myself credit for what I know, but this class gave me a boost of confidence (I’ll always have to practice and continue to learn) and I loved the formulas! Great way to teach those particular concepts. – Rick Shute

- Remarkable Coaching

I thought the seminar was a worthwhile and engaging event. It was sort of cool to watch all of my team.  From where I was sitting, I could see that they were all fully engaged.  My greatest take away would definitely be the Trust Equation. This seems to come up a lot, and it’s something that we still haven’t quite mastered, although I think we’re getting better. I know firsthand what it is like to have someone on your team who doesn’t trust you. If there is no trust; there is nothing to build on. That is why it is so important to EARN it right from the beginning, and keep it throughout the relationship.

I hope that I have picked up enough skills and knowledge to be a GREAT coach and a better coachee! – Karyn Mahoney, Glynn Electric

- Karyn.Mahoney

I agree with the majority, this was one of the best seminars I have been to regarding leadership training.  It has, at very least, made me aware of my deficiencies in communicating and trying to resolve peoples issues.  It has helped me understand that we need true buy in and how we can get it.    I have always thought work was work and home was home, but (on purpose) it highlighted that not all people are driven the same and their personal goals need to met as well as there professional goals. – Vito Rubini, Glynn Electric

- Vito.Rubini

Like most, I think I got way more out of the seminar than I anticipated going in. The victim/accountability model has really helped me see how to deal with people with negative attitudes not only with our employees but with other trades as well. Also, the ladder of inference opened my eyes to giving everybody a fair shake. Just because someone didn’t make it with one crew doesn’t mean they can’t make it with another. In general, the seminar has already helped me both at work and at home. – Brian Goode, Glynn Electric

- Brian.Goode

I have to admit I was one of the “prisoners” , didn’t see how coaching had much to do w/us as electricians.  I gave Kevin a chance & after a while could see this was good, useful stuff  – very eye opening.  I learned a lot & am trying to use it. Like others, I have been able to see it working at home (especially w/kids ) as well as at work.  I think the positive feedback & hearing were the biggest ones for me. Asking more questions & really hearing the answers makes a big difference . I think I could start with coaching members of my team, & I am trying to use these methods to coach all my guys better so that can advance thru the trade . – Kurt Gronlund, Glynn Electric

- Kurt.Groland

I feel the seminar was definitely worthwhile. Kevin made it easy to stay engaged.  There are so many things I took away from it and have started using a few.  Like others I am making a conscience effort to use “AND” instead of “BUT”.  The Trust factor is key!!  I have always felt I was a good listener; and now I have realized I am a good listener when the conversation is important or interesting to me and when it’s not I tend to not be as engaged and hear only half of what is being said.  I am working on really listening and not interrupting the other person before they are finished speaking ( I think I do this more at home and now I am really aware of it).  Setting CLEAR expectations also stood out to me, clearly communicating the expectation.  Also the importance of positive feedback; I don’t do this enough.  Thank you for investing in us!!!! – Wendy Deboer, Glynn Electric

- Wendy.Deboer

I was actually surprised that this seminar was quite interesting. I catch myself using ‘but’ quite often, ‘and’ I’m trying to change that. Since I’ve been back to work, I’ve noticed how others act – compared to what we have learned. I’m trying to be very attentive when listening, at home and at work. I believe some of these simple steps go a long way. The biggest change is that I actually realize when I’m doing something different than what was taught. Great class, AND still a work in progress! – Josh Laurenza, Glynn Electric

- Josh.Laurenza

I thought the class was informative and interesting. Kevin was an energetic force that kept my attention for both days and made it easy to understand his concepts. The class helped me to critically look at how I interact with others and how others respond to the way I interact with them. I really like how these tools can be used not just in work but in everyday life.

I am actively trying to be a better listener and using the accountability model to coach my team members, and plan on working with more people when my job starts up. So far the results are positive.  – John Weckbacker, Glynn Electric

- John.Weckbacker

I liked the way Kevin was able to keep everyone engaged throughout the two days.  I’ve been focusing on really trying to understand what people are saying and how important these things are to them.  Both at work and at home.  The coaching model stood out most to me because it is fluid and can be reset at any point if one piece was not successful.  This prevents us from throwing something away or giving up just because something didn’t work the first time.  It’s a positive way of looking at things.  I’m also glad to see such great feedback from everyone who attended and to hear how effective all of these methods can be as long as we keep using them.  ~Doug Cormier, Glynn Electric

- Doug.Cormier

I was very impressed with this seminar, and how Kevin really kept it interesting.  He kept everyone involved and the interactions were great.  I have gotten a lot of good ideas from this seminar that will help with dealing with people at work and at home.  Some key factors were really hearing what someone is saying and not just half listening.  Giving my full attention to someone and not trying to multi task.  Positive feedback was a good point to cover and also the using of “and”instead of “but” when having a conversation.  I liked how Kevin suggested that you let the other person somewhat lead the conversation with their ideas and not just control the conversation one-sided with just negative issues.  I think it was great that we have the foreman and office together to see these training techniques so we can all shoot for the same outcome and use the same guidelines for coaching in the future.  This was well worth the time.  ~Tim Hanley, Glynne Electric

- Tim.Hanley

Guy Harris has presented at Microchip Technology on several occasions.  Most recently, he presented the topics of Feedback Power and How to Sell an Idea You Don’t Own.  He has presented both in-person and virtually, with new and experienced managers.  Guy is great to work with.  He was very thorough, consulting with me on multiple occasions to understand our goals and needs.  He took the time to learn our company’s culture, vernacular, and challenges before presenting.  Guy is also a great facilitator.  The majority of the audience was engineers, and they connected with him and his professional background.  The training was very effective and had the desired impact.

- K. Sturgeon, Microchip Technology Inc.

Thanks for your guidance at the Leadership Camp!  I have my first meeting with my board of directors since our training together in Chicago.  With many changes for next year on the agenda, I am looking forward to both the challenge and opportunity of leading our organization into and through next year.  The time we’ve spent together in both the Workshop and the Teleseminar Coaching have been helpful!

- Bob Kaestner, Lenox Mutual Insurance Assn.

We have been using Kevin for about 2 years now and are pleased with his services. Overall quality is excellent, materials very well presented. We will continue to use Kevin (using him now) and there are no disappointments.  He will make it right no matter what it takes to meet our needs (and I can be difficult since I am also a consultant!).  Kevin has also been helpful to me personally as a coach and mentor from outside my own organization, which helps me be a better consultant for the executives and leaders here at TriHealth.

- Kathye Habig, Director Performance Improvement Consulting, TriHealth

Kevin Eikenberry’s training delivered exactly what I was looking for and even more. When I called Kevin I knew what I didn’t want, which was typical canned team training. Kevin and I spent a significant amount of time on the phone while he helped me work through what I was looking for in training for Case Management teams in my department.

I have a diverse group of staff who has worked in a team environment for many years. We have been through several team building trainings over the years and usually come away feeling let down. We were looking for new ways to capitalize on the strengths of our diversity in meeting the needs of our clients. We also were looking for ways to enhance our effectiveness as we are continually called upon by outside influences to do more for less money. Kevin was able to provide this for us and even more.  As a supervisor I was very pleased with the training he provided for us. Kevin worked with us as a group and then worked with individual teams. He was able to adapt to the individual differences of the teams and still provide us with the outcomes we are looking for. Kevin managed to provide a safe environment for the teams to speak freely and work through the issues they felt were holding them back. The feedback from the individual team members has been overwhelmingly positive. Several staff thanked me for the training afterwards and for providing them with this opportunity.

As a member of the team unit I felt like it was a very enlightening experience. Many issues were able to be resolved during the training just by putting them on the table and discussing them.I would highly recommend Kevin Eikenberry to anyone who is seriously committed to the team process. I hope that I have the opportunity to work with him again.

- Laura Holscher, Director of Client Services Generations, Area 13 Agency on Aging

Kevin is kind. This was the first striking impression I had of him. Then I noticed how much process excellence was reflected in all my interactions with his firm. As my background is in Quality I have a hearing for this. Finally, his passion, helping people to discover and liberate the remarkable leader inside of themselves, is so powerful and timely. As a Chief Potential Officer he is in a class by himself. I recommend him highly.

- Dave Guerra, CEO and Managing Partner, Corpus Optima Inc.

The program was outstanding and inspirational! Thank you for your help in planning, organizing and motivating our retreat. I believe our faculty and staff were stimulated to thinking beyond their own courses and research activities to begin thinking as a team.

Congratulations and thank you for your excellent coaching and counseling through this process. We are now looking forward to the next level.

- Dr. Vince Bralts, Associate Dean, College of Engineering, Purdue University

FYI…one of the best, if not the best, information on building a training, speaking, coaching business I have attended. I will definitely be encouraging people that I know to sign up in the future. Clients that I coach.

- Carl Smith